Work/Life Balance Assessment

Please select the statement that most closely fits your response to the scenario or to similar scenarios you might experience in your life. Go with your gut response and do not over-analyze. If a statement does not apply to you, please select “Always.” Once you click on the Submit button at the end, your responses will be tallied and your score will be emailed to you.

    Focus Area:
    Spend an hour of quality time with my spouse every week night.

    Measurable Outcomes
    I am aware of what is going on in his life when he is away from me.
    I have time to get in touch with what he is thinking and how he is feeling.
    We have time to dream and plan our future together.

    Motivation - what this will do for me:
    We will grow closer together vs. farther apart. We will have a stronger connection once we are “empty nesters.”

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