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Every time you start worrying about something, write it down in a Worry Log. At the end of the day, take your worry log out and review what you’ve written down. Have a conversation with God and decide which of these choices you want to make for each one:

  1. “God, I just need 10 minutes to myself. This stuff is too big for You. I’ll just deal with it. I’ll check back in when I’m done, but in the meantime I’ll just handle it.”
  2. “God, please tell me what part of my worries belongs to me, and what part I need to let go of and let You handle and trust You with?”

Create a spiritual practice of letting go of your attachment to the outcome. Remember that there are only three kinds of challenges:

  1. Your own challenges
  2. Someone else’s challenges
  3. God’s challenges (challenges beyond human capability to solve)

Other things to do:

  • Keep a Victory Journal: write down successes at the end of each week
  • Keep a Warm Fuzzy File: things people have said or written about you that make you feel affirmed, appreciated, and positive.
  • Review your Worry Log in 3 months and see how much of what you worried about three months ago has actually come true. Over time, you will come to realize that a lot of negative energy is needlessly being wasted on worry about things that are not real.

Worry statistics:

  • Things that never happen (40%)
  • Things that cannot be changed by all the worry in the world (35%)
  • Things that turn out better than expected (15%)
  • Petty, useless worries (8%)
  • Legitimate worry–something I can actually do something about (2%)

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