7 Ways to Make Money with PowerPoint

Are you ready to learn how to unleash the power of PowerPoint? It’s much more than just a great presentation tool. It’s also an amazing design tool!

If you enjoy designing and creating things, you’ll love learning ALL that you can do with PowerPoint. Watch the short video below to learn more!

Scroll down to see examples of the many things you can create with PowerPoint.

During this pre-recorded power-packed two-hour webinar, you will learn how to create products TODAY that you can start using and selling TOMORROW:

  1. Webinars / Courses
  2. Video Sales Letters
  3. Template-Based Products
  4. Resource Products
  5. Website and Social Media Graphics
  6. Children’s Book Design / Video Books
  7. Product Design and Creation

Examples of Product Designs…

all created using PowerPoint!

Video Sales Letters…

(My video above was a Video Sales Letter!)

7 Ways to Make Money with PowerPoint

Template Based Products…

Resource Products...

  • One of the best ways to beef up your courses is by adding resources that supplement the training.
  • Resources can be products as well.
  • Types of resources can include:
    • Checklists
    • Worksheets
    • Blueprints
    • Planners
    • Forms

Website & Social Graphics...

Children's Books...

Product Design & Creation...

It’s easy to put what you learn into practice!

In addition to having access to the recorded webinar, you will also receive:

  • All the PowerPoint slides
  • A PDF version of the PowerPoint slides
  • A transcript of the webinar… making it easy to go back and review what you’ve learned!

Receive these bonus trainings!

Learn even more techniques for doing amazing things with graphics in PowerPoint:

  • Design Brilliance 101
  • Design Magic – Recipe Cards and Postcards
  • Using PowerPoint for Eye Candy Designs (Photoshop Cheat)
  • Web Graphic Design with PowerPoint
  • Using PowerPoint to Create Book Trailers
  • Create Children’s Video Books

Another valuable bonus!

You’ll receive access to 45 Public Domain Image Sites. These sites include photographs, graphics, clip art, illustrations and more. Now more than ever, you need LOTS of high-quality images for nearly EVERY type of media-related product you can create, so this added bonus alone can pay for the whole course when you consider how much you will save by not having to purchase the rights to use fee-based graphics.

All of this for just $97!

Even if you only implement ONE of the many ideas you gain from this valuable training, you’ll be glad you got it!  This course will pay for itself quickly when you save on the cost of hiring expensive graphic designers to create your products. I’d love to hear the many things you create!

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