NPR “On the Money” Radio Interview

Hosted by Steve Pomeranz

Organizing Your Desk

Strictly Business Radio Interview

Hosted by Anna Banks

Get Organized – Tips for Entrepreneurs at Home and Work

CNN’s Seattle Affiliate Station KKNW “Positive Talk Radio”
(two interviews)

Hosted by Kevin McDonald

What do you do as a Productivity Consultant & Coach?

Managing Paper & Information

Institute of Success and Goal Achievement

Hosted by Pete Winiarski

Setting and Achieving Goals

Seattle’s KKOL Sound Advice Radio

Co-hosted by Susan Michaels and Rick O’Brien

How Expressing Daily Gratitude Impacts Your Personal & Work Life

Blogtalk Radio with Marnie’s Friends

Hosted by Marnie Swedberg

Seattle’s KKOL Alternative Talk Radio

Hosted by Lee Kaplanian

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