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  • "I value your listening ear for my organizing practice…someone to bounce ideas off of who's been there and done that.

    You've taught me the importance of listening to my clients and not making assumptions about their needs. And your advice has definitely saved me money! At the end of one of our calls you asked me how I was taking care of myself. That really meant a lot to me, and it made me think. I take care of everybody else and don't think about what I should do for me. You also helped take a look at how I value my services and what I charge for them. Thanks for everything!"

    Elizabeth Hagen Professional Organizer & Speaker, Sioux Falls, SD
  • “You generously provided business assistance that jump-started my business and eliminated the need for me to ‘reinvent the wheel’.

    I want to say thank you for your assistance during our coaching session together. You are incredible! Your thought-provoking questions helped me focus on what is most important in both the start-up phase of my organizing business and in my life. Your guidance, support and recommendations gave me the direction I needed and helped me overcome the obstacles that prevented me from moving forward. You generously provided business assistance that jump-started my business and eliminated the need for me to ‘reinvent the wheel’.”

    Carole Thomas Osborne Professional Organizer, Phoenix, AZ

Meet more Happy Clients and hear about their experiences working with me.

Who will benefit from participating?

  • Professional Organizers looking for a way to leverage their time, serve more clients, make more money AND have more time off
  • Professional Organizers who live in remote areas or cities with a lot of competition
  • Professional Organizers who want to have the flexibility to schedule work around their family life vs. scheduling life around their work
  • Professional Organizers who hate to sell
  • Professional Organizers who have a desire to work globally without having to travel long distances
  • Professional Organizers who still want to offer in-person work, and also want to leverage their time by creating products and tools that can be purchased while you are sleeping and vacationing
  • Individuals who want to begin a business with a focus on organization and productivity

“Since starting Paauwerfully Organized in 1995, I have spent 10,000+ hours developing successful strategies and tools to run my business.

I have boiled down the best of what I’ve learned and will share my secrets to success with you in this program, designed just for Professional Organizers and Productivity Consultants. I will share what took me thousands of hours of trial and error, and tens of thousands of dollars to learn, so you gain the benefit of learning from 22 years of experience in our profession.”

Kathy Paauw

100% money back guarantee100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE:

If you fully participate in the course over the first 60 days and put honest effort into implementing what you learn, and you do not find value in what was provided, I will refund your entire registration fee.

I promise program participants 3 things:

  • You’ll learn how to combine the power of the Web, the telephone and your unique skill set to expand your base of prospects. I’ll teach you how to transfer your skills to the client, whether you are working virtually or face-to-face.
  • You’ll learn how to leverage your time by creating virtual information products that you can sell while you are sleeping and vacationing, and you’ll learn how to authentically promote the products and services that you are most passionate about to an international audience.
  • You’ll learn how to package and price your services to rapidly increase your income, and you’ll learn how to market your services to a virtual community without exhausting yourself and your resources.

Although this course offers resources to organizing professionals who want to either work virtually or who want to offer their expertise through information products, it also contains a number of foundational tools that are necessary for ANY organizing business, whether you deliver your services in person or virtually.

Webinar Modules

  • Getting Clear About What You Do
    Discover your unique marketing niche – where your passion and skills intersect with public need.
  • Marketing Your Business
    Learn the difference between “selling yourself” and “authentic promotion.” Create a marketing plan geared toward your choice client, and learn how to effectively market to a virtual community.
  • Exploring Options for Getting Noticed and Getting Paid Well
    Learn how to do an effective assessment with a prospect when you are working virtually, and how to quickly create customized proposals that will get you more business and higher paying clients. Gain access to effective sample client proposals that have a proven track record for getting business. Using the project-based fee structure that I share in this module, you can easily pay for this entire course with the fee paid to you by your first virtual client.
  • Running a Sound Virtual Business
    Access essential tools for running a virtual business. Learn how to generate active and passive income streams. Develop info products you can sell online, learning how to create them from the 7 Ways to Make Money with PowerPoint membership page (free access to participants of this course —a $97 value).
  • Working as a Virtual Consultant
    Learn how to effectively use your expertise with clients by phone. Listen to a role-play of me (Kathy Paauw) working with a client by phone.
  • Putting it All Together
    Learn how to take care of yourself so you can run your business without your business running you.

What this Training Program Includes:

  • Six modules of training that are packed with information you can begin using immediately to build a virtual organizing business. I’ll unlock new content every 30 days for a total of six months.
  • The PowerPoint presentation for each module, so you don’t have to take notes!
  • Dozens of valuable documents and templates that support what we cover in each module. These documents alone will save you hundreds of hours so you don’t have to create them yourself. I give course participants permission to re-purpose my documents by editing them to fit your working style and re-brand them so they become yours.
  • Special pricing on my private coaching, for those who want extra support.

Special Introductory Offer:

$97 USD /month for six months

or one convenient payment of

$497 USD
*A savings of $85 USD over the monthly payment option.

The course fee will go up next year, so grab your seat now!

  • “You have revolutionized my way of thinking and have transformed my business.

    Kathy, you were heaven sent for an earthly need. You have revolutionized my way of thinking and have transformed my business. I have immediate results! I have the confidence to ask for the big money, know that I'm worth it, and actually get it! I just signed my first contract with a client for nearly $6,000 — my biggest job yet. Thank you for your patience, your transfer of skills, and your thoroughness.”

    Lesley Adams Professional Organizer, Jackson, MS
  • “I'm so much better prepared than if I'd done this on my own.

    Kathy, you are incredible and brilliant! You are one of the most giving people I've had the privilege of knowing. Thank you for the great coaching and encouragement you provided to help get my business off the ground. I'm so much better prepared than if I'd done this on my own. You have been a true blessing to me. Thank you!"

    Vicki Manning Certified Professional Coach & Organizing Consultant, Nashville, TN

Meet more Happy Clients and hear about their experiences working with me.



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