What’s stopping you from rolling out your own premium one-on-one coaching program?

If you already have a group program or several stand-alone training programs, then a one-on-one coaching program is the next logical step, and it won’t take much work to create.

My 18-page downloadable step-by-step Private Coaching Planner Kit covers the following:

Step 1: Get Clear on the Problem You Solve
Exercise: Describe Your Ideal Client
Exercise: State Her Biggest Problem

Step 2: Establish Your Desired Outcome
Exercise: State the Outcome Your Clients Will Achieve

Step 3: Plan Your Platform
Exercise: Brainstorm Your Coaching Steps
Exercise: Plan Your Program Duration

Step 4: Design Your Coaching Tools
Exercise: Plan Your Tools

Step 5: Design Your Private Coaching Package
Exercise: Decide Your Access & Availability
Exercise: Create Your Private Phone Number & Email Address

Step 6: Determine Your Price
Exercise: Determine Your Program Length and Cost

Step 7: Setting Boundaries
Exercise: Map Your Work Hours
Exercise: Craft Your Boundary Responses

As an added bonus, you’ll also find links to some of the most valuable resources I have found for my own coaching practice, plus access to done-for-you coaching forms, workshops, & content, including branding rights!

Business Goals Worksheet

Client Call Notes Template

Client Invoice Sample

Coaching Agreement

Coaching Code of Ethics

Coaching Intake Form

Coaching Pre-Call Form

Coaching Success Guidelines

Confidentiality Agreement

How Coaching Works

How to Hold Accountability

How to Prepare for a Coaching Session

Monthly Review Form

My Coaching History Form

Payment Arrangement Form

Referral Request

Welcome Letter Template

Kindle Formatting Easy Step-by-Step Guide

You’ll receive access to all of this for just $7.47!

I’ve been a certified coach since 1999 and I have also hired my own coach. If you are coaching others, I strongly encourage you to hire a coach for yourself. There are several reasons why this is important:

  1. There’s tremendous power in having someone “in your corner” to cheer you on, reflect back what you are saying so you can hear yourself, challenge you to stretch yourself, brainstorm ideas, clarify priorities, celebrate wins, and cheer you on when you feel discouraged.

  2. Doing your own work with a trained professional helps you be fully present for your clients, without your “stuff” getting in the way of your work with them.

  3. If you are asking other people to invest in something that you are not willing to invest in yourself, prospective clients may question your credibility and integrity.

Finding the right coach is important to your success in your work and in your life. If you have a qualified coach in mind, I urge you to connect soon … and if you are already working with a coach that’s a good fit for your needs, congratulations!

If you are not already working with a coach, I invite you to schedule a no-cost, no pressure Discovery Call with me. We’ll spend 30 minutes on the phone (or Skype if you are outside the USA). During our time together, we’ll clarify your vision for the future, and we’ll talk about next steps you can take to create your blueprint for a purposeful and productive life.

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