Praise About Kathy's Training

"Kathy, thank you for a great introduction to Paper Tiger in the "Find Anything in 5 Seconds" webinar. I marvel at your seeming calm and ease even in the face of some participants not having downloaded either the software or the PDF file! You were very professional and were clear when you could take no more of the group's time to solve individual problems. Your walking us through the PDF file was very helpful. I had reviewed it last night and you filled in the blanks fully for me. The examples you used both in the PDF file and speaking to answer questions were clear to me and suggested additional possibilities.

I found your pre-class and post-class information clear and rich. Since you cannot make my organizational choices for me, you have given me all that I might want to get started. I suspect after using the software for a while, I might have more questions."

Michael R. Van Dyke, Consultant/TrainerĀ  CEO
Serengeti Enterprises

"Thanks for your excellent workshop. It was obviously very well received, and we had record attendance with standing room only!"

Ellen Curtis, Community Relations Coordinator
Barnes & Noble Booksellers

"I am so grateful that you agreed to speak to our chapter. Besides your well thought-out strategies, you yourself are living proof of the value of being organized and model an excellent example of what we all strive to be. It is easy to imagine what an excellent coach you are. You have a way of supporting people, just in conversation, never stealing their spotlight but affirming them and drawing them out. You do not pretend to be "practically perfect" and that helps us all be more open about ourselves, which gives you the honest data you need to help people take the next step."

Lucy Stephenson, Program Chair
International Association of Administrative Professionals
Seattle, WA

"Your workshop was so valuable and helpful to me that it was worth the entire registration fee for this conference. I also enjoyed and appreciated your presentation style. Your manner conveys an extraordinary calmness and competence -- you demonstrate that you are living 'at choice.' Your talk was both inspiring and practical, and you provided information that I can use immediately to improve my life and my clients' lives."

Allison Schnipper, Professional Organizer, Sharon, MA
2002 NAPO Conference Attendee in Atlanta

"I was very inspired by your workshop last week onĀ Managing Time, Paper, and Information for Maximum Effectiveness. I began creating my personal mission statement that evening. I also started the weekly planning process last weekend. I managed to achieve a much stronger sense of accomplishment than I have in a long time. Through the implementation of your suggestions, I already feel more balanced. I have passed on the workshop and website info to my Executive Director, who has been particularly aided by the delegation suggestions and log. So I thank you on her behalf as well. Your help has, in a week's time, proven to be invaluable."

Michelle Nicole Lee, Program Director
Central District Forum for Arts & Ideas
Seattle, WA

"Kathy, thanks for your follow-up with me after the workshop last week. I want to let you know that I had the most productive week after your seminar. The goal setting and paper organization did wonders. Thanks for the effective techniques and inspiration."

Kathy Burrows, Director
Cybercamps Foundation
Seattle, WA

Hi, Kathy! Thanks for the webinar notes! I totally enjoyed your Buried in Paper webinar today. I especially loved the way you ended it, with upbeat affirmation and having participants share their goals. Inspiring! I'm seriously looking into registering for your next course. Blessings to you!

S.S., San Anselmo, CA

"I thought I knew it all when it came to time management -- use of Franklin Planners, "to-do" lists, etc. Your workshop three years ago trained me how to become more disciplined and faithful to my time management goals as they related to work/life balance, more time with family, increased productivity, more time spent with my representatives, etc. I'm still using the tools I already had, just using them much more effectively and efficiently. I've been committed to using your disciplines, and amazingly I've found myself realizing my goals much more closely than before. I continue to use many of your precepts to this day, and even go back and review my notes from your session whenever I feel like I'm slipping into some of my old time/energy wasting ways.

I'm enjoying your monthly online newsletters. Keep up the good work!"

Richard W. Bowne, Executive Business Manager
Merck & Co., Inc.