Praise About Kathy's Coaching Services

"I had chosen to postpone my MHA degree for two years because of a grant award. I would not have believed that such a rich education awaited me in personal coaching - it has helped me so much with management, leadership, and LIFE skills. This has been an incredibly valuable experience for me. I do not believe I could have been as effective in assuming two difficult jobs and balancing my other commitments in such a short period of time without coaching. Thank you, Kathy!!"

Emily Wong, MD, Seattle, WA

"Kathy, coaching has brought me to new heights of success. Thank you so much for your guidance and for helping me to reflect on my life. I feel that this coaching experience was extremely positive, and my accomplishments were endless. The things I've learned about myself are amazing. Realizing what is important to me has made my life 100% better! I also feel that my self-esteem is better now, but was in question before. I've been able to schedule my days for maximum success and I've learned how to manage my time for all things and stop spending time on things that are not important to me. Coaching has helped me to manifest my dreams and hopes. My journey has been really fun and fruitful. Thank you, Kathy!”

Jennifer Ingram , Student & entrepreneur

"Your role as my coach, mentor, and teacher has been instrumental in getting my business flowing. Your thought-provoking questions and gentle guidance have helped me in many areas of my life. I appreciate and am grateful for the emotional support, encouragement, and valuable information you have given me on everything from setting up my books and contact management system to marketing strategies and working with clients. I now trust my abilities and know that I have much to offer clients as a professional organizer."

Karen Roehl, Clutter Coach
Kirkland, WA

"Your combined skills as a professional organizer and a personal and business coach have helped me build my organizing business. You've provided me with needed encouragement and support, and I've gained the knowledge I needed to move my business forward."

Kay Wylie, Professional Organizer
Springfield, MO

"I want to say thank you for your assistance during our coaching session together. You are incredible! Your thought-provoking questions helped me focus on what is most important in both the start-up phase of my organizing business and in my life. Your guidance, support and recommendations gave me the direction I needed and helped me overcome the obstacles that prevented me from moving forward. You generously provided business assistance that jump-started my business and eliminated the need for me to "reinvent the wheel".

Carole Thomas Osborne, Professional Organizer
Phoenix, AZ

"Kathy, you are incredible and brilliant! You are one of the most giving people I've had the privilege of knowing. Thank you for the great coaching and encouragement you provided to help get my business off the ground. I'm so much better prepared than if I'd done this on my own. You have been a true blessing to me. Thank you!"

Vicki Manning, Certified Professional Coach & Organizing Consultant
Organized by Design, Nashville, TN

"Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same. The thoughts and concepts you've shared with me as my coach will always influence my choices. Having the opportunity to share my thoughts with you is going to guide me to my true path. I feel such a sense of peace. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Diane Spera, Real Estate Agent
Kirkland, WA

"I value your listening ear for my organizing practice…someone to bounce ideas off of who's been there and done that. You've taught me the importance of listening to my clients and not making assumptions about their needs. And your advice has definitely saved me money! At the end of one of our calls you asked me how I was taking care of myself. That really meant a lot to me, and it made me think. I take care of everybody else and don't think about what I should do for me. You also helped take a look at how I value my services and what I charge for them. Thanks for everything!"

Elizabeth Hagen, Professional Organizer & Speaker
Sioux Falls, SD

Kathy, you've been an incredible resource for helping me build my business and fine-tune & package my services. Your knowledge of business and your clear organized delivery of the coaching process has created great success for me. You have provided innovative and powerful ways of looking at situations that have resulted in concrete action plans. My performance has dramatically increased in a short period of time through your inspiration and highly creative coaching process. Thank you for helping co-create great strategies for my success over these past several months. You have no idea how valuable you are! I am so glad I found you on the web and decided to hire you as my business coach. Our work together has been well worth the investment."

Sherry Borsheim, Organizing/Productivity Consultant
Vancouver, B.C. 

"Kathy, you were heaven sent for an earthly need. You have revolutionized my way of thinking and have transformed my business. I have immediate results! I have the confidence to ask for the big money, know that I'm worth it, and actually get it! I just signed my first contract with a client for nearly $6000 -- my biggest job yet. Thank you for your patience, your transfer of skills, and your thoroughness."

Lesley Adams, Professional Organizer
Jackson, MS

"Coaching with you was critical in moving forward with the birth of my business. You played a key role. Our work together has allowed me to face my fears head-on, instead of ignoring them and hoping they would go away. In effect, I am now more honest with myself about my circumstances and abilities. I have increased self-confidence and I feel more centered. I have also learned that what I am doing with each minute of my life is a CHOICE that I make – if I'm not making that decision consciously, then I'm letting my subconscious take over – and perhaps make choices for the wrong reasons. Thank you for all of your help."

Debbie Rodgers, Business Owner
Ontario, Canada