Personal Organizational Assessment

Please select the statement that most closely fits your response to the scenario or to similar scenarios you might experience in your life. Go with your gut response and do not over-analyze. If a statement does not apply to you, please select “Always.” Once you click on the Submit button at the end, your responses will be tallied and your score will be emailed to you.
    Focus #1: Be more organized.

    Measurable Outcomes:
    I can find anything I need in 15 seconds or less.
    I have a filing system for my papers.
    I have a system in place to remind me of important follow-up.
    The dishes are done before I go to bed and the dishwasher is emptied.
    Laundry is done weekly and is put away within 24 hours of being clean and dry.
    I entertain on short notice without being embarrassed about the way the house looks.
    We only subscribe to publications we read regularly.
    We eat dinner as a family at least three times a week.
    I have dedicated space for doing my arts & crafts.

    Motivation - what this will do for me:
    I enjoy spending time at home.
    I am able to entertain in our home.
    I've raised my self-esteem.
    I feel less stressed.
    I'll be ahead of things instead of behind the 8-ball.
    Others rely on me when I give my word.
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