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Sometimes it’s difficult to make decisions “in the moment.” You may benefit from stepping back and looking at the bigger picture in order to make a sound decision that fits with your priorities.  I’ll provide some questions to help.

When making a decision about what to say YES or NO to…
  • Will saying YES to this allow me to spend quality time with my family/friends and allow me the flexibility to meet their needs?
  • Will taking this on allow me to take care of myself physically and nurture myself emotionally and spiritually?
  • Do I feel financially & emotionally secure about this choice?
  • Will this enable me to help others (patients or colleagues) to reach their goals?
  • Will I have control over how I spend my time & how I honor my values?
  • What will motivate me to do this?
  • What would hold me back from doing this?
  • If I say YES to this, what will I be saying NO to?
  • If my best friend (who’s a clone of me) were in this situation, what would I advise him/her to do?
  • Who or what will support me in making this decision (talking with _____, journaling, etc.)?
Questions to ask yourself once you’ve committed to something and are struggling to juggle everything…
  • Do I feel at choice about this?
  • What’s the worst thing that could happen if I don’t do it?
  • Do I choose to renegotiate this?
  • Can I delegate this to someone else?
  • Is there a way to simplify this task and still keep my commitment?

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