Content Upgrades

If you have a business with an online presence, you know that list-building is not just important for your business.  It is essential to your success!

Do you have a solid plan in place that brings new leads and prospects through the door?

The first step is having multiple converting opt-in offers on your site.  If you have done this before, you know that creating one great opt-in offer can take time to create.

Have you heard of content upgrades?

You’ve probably seen them in action at some point.  When you’re reading a blog post and the author offers you a small related gift–like a check list or an extended audio version in exchange for your email–that’s a content upgrade.

What if you had a content upgrade offer on several blog posts on your site?

What if you kept adding new content upgrades as you develop new blog content?

Your list would be growing much faster than it is now!

I am excited to introduce you to a Private Label Rights resource that’s completely built around the whole content upgrade idea.  The company behind this is called White Label Perks.  They have created the “easy button” for content upgrades!

White Label Perks has packaged the following combination of products together to make content upgrades easy for you to roll out:

  1. Blog Posts
  2. Social Friendly Graphics
  3. Social Blurbs for Promotion
  4. Content Perks (Reports, Journals, Coloring Pages, Checklists)
  5. Promotional Visuals
  6. Email Templates

Everything you need is provided and is ready to use. Turn it over to your VA and you’ve got blog content, social content and mailing list offers to match!

What makes this different than other done-for-you products?

If you already have really good products or services, BUT you need to build your list to get those offers in front of new eyeballs, content upgrades are the way to do it! 

I love creating my own products and delivering my service.  That doesn’t feel like work to me.  But marketing…well, THAT feels like work, and any help I can get with that is welcomed.

Kelly McCausey and Samantha Angel are the brains behind White Label Perks.

When I saw the kind of marketing materials these two have come up with, I knew I needed to use this myself and share this gem with my business clients.

I’m a huge fan of getting help wherever you can get it, so I’m offering you a place to get that help. And Kelly and Samantha are practically giving away the store!

Click here to learn more about Kelly and Samantha’s
easy social content for your list-building.