Declutter Your Schedule, Space and Mind So You Can Focus On What’s Most Important!

During the webinar you’ll:

  • Discover what mental challenges come up when you’re clearing piles.
  • Find out what you need to do BEFORE organizing your physical environment!
  • Learn what clutter is and what it does to you emotionally and creatively.
  • Discover the two primary reasons people ‘pile,’ and what to do to prevent it!

Plus, a LOT more!

Presented by
Kathy Paauw

Imagine knowing what to do with every single piece of paper or information that comes into your busy life, so you no longer feel a need to create piles of delayed decisions!  I’ve taught this popular webinar to hundreds of people since 2003, and I look forward to sharing tips with you.

I’m Kathy Paauw, a Certified Professional Coach and Productivity Consultant. I help busy self-employed and independent professionals like you to overcome overwhelm by helping you de-clutter your schedule, space, and mind so you can focus on what matters most.

If you register and cannot attend, no worries! We’ll send you a full recording the next day. 

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