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Did you know that one of the most memorable ways to stay in touch with clients, prospects, and referral partners is to send heartfelt cards in the mail?  It’s a lost art that cuts through all the noise that email, text messaging, and social media posts create. What are you doing to be remembered by people who are important to your business and your life?

Do you struggle with what to say in your messages?  In the next three blogs, I’ll share some tips for writing effective messages that will help you to be remembered as someone who cares.

Make it Personal & Heartfelt

When you write a personal note, are you just going through the motions so you can check it off your to-do list, or are you sending a heartfelt message that will touch the person you are thanking and make the recipient feel special?

As you compose your thank you note, use descriptive words that relay how receiving their gift or support made you feel.

Here’s an example:

Thank you for the gift.


Thank you, Carol, for the wonderful book you gave me. I appreciate the time and thought you put into selecting a book that you knew would speak to my heart and mind. You are so thoughtful, and I appreciate your friendship.

This changes your thank you card from being okay (and expected) to great (and unexpected). Whatever you write, it must be sincere. Adding a photo of you holding their gift would make it even more memorable.

Just by sending a thank-you card, you put yourself in the top 250 in your field. Put a meaningful picture in it and you are now in the top 1/2 of 1% of all business people.

Add Meaningful Detail to a “Nice to Meet You” Card

When you send a “nice to meet you” card, include details in your card that demonstrate you were paying attention to your conversation with the person you just met. When you meet someone new, if you make a point of being more interested (asking questions) than interesting (talking about yourself), you will have heard something meaningful about them that you can include in your message.

Here’s an example:

It was nice to meet you. I hope our paths cross again soon.


David, what a pleasure it was to meet you this morning at the networking breakfast! Thanks for taking time to share information about your physical therapy business. I will keep you in mind as I meet people who need your expertise, so I can make appropriate referrals.

Congratulations on passing your exam and receiving your license! It must feel good to have all that behind you. If there’s anything I can do to assist you, please ask!

I look forward to seeing you at future networking events.

Adding a photo of yourself, along with your contact information, would help the recipient to remember which one you are. I’ve found an app that enables me to add photos to a real paper greeting card.  If you’d like to learn more about it, visit

Since I have several more tips to share, you will receive two more blogs this week that will include additional ideas to help you stay top-of-mind with important people in your life, at work and at home.

Did you like this article, Be Remembered? What’s one idea you learned from this article that you could start doing today…something that would make a difference in your business growth? Please comment below.


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  • Lesley

    Your comments on a Nice to Meet you card. May take a couple more minutes to write but so much more meaningful and personal. I’m going to start doing that

    • Kathy Paauw

      Lesley, it makes a HUGE difference in how people feel. I love what Maya Angelou said about that (my quote at the top of the blog)…so true!

  • Pam Holland

    Thanks, Kathy for reminding us that sometimes “old school” solutions are the best!

    • Kathy Paauw

      The new ways of connecting are quick and immediate, but I have found that the old school way cannot be replaced. I’ve gone into people’s homes and offices…sometimes years after sending a simple card…only to find it on their refrigerator, fireplace mantle, credenza, or tacked to their bulletin board. The more meaningful the message and photos, the more likely that your card will never be tossed.

  • Kay Seaberry

    Kathy, I am so appreciate of all o the trainings you offer, I have learned so much over the years. You are so exceptional to share you gifts with us. I am truly looking forward to future blogs on this particular topic.

    By the way, the quote you posted is one of my favs and a part of my daily mantra.

    • Kathy Paauw

      Kay, it is my pleasure to share. Watch for Part 2 and Part 3 of this blog. The second one published this morning and is filled with more tips for building solid relationships.

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