Monthly Archives: February 2017

Are you a Human Being or a Human Doing?

In my work as a Life Coach, I have become increasingly aware of the growing sense that many individuals feel like they’re running as fast as possible but not getting where they want to go. I’ve discovered three challenges that commonly get in the way. Before sharing those with you, there is something even greater…

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The Power of Passion in Your Work

We think of Valentine’s Day as a day to express passion for those we love.  Today is a good day for you to self-reflect about other forms of passion, including the passion you feel for your your work or the reason behind you doing what you do. Although being a business professional can include setbacks…

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As We Grow Older and Wiser

As we grow older, and hence wiser, we slowly realize that wearing a $300.00 or $30.00 watch, they both tell the same time… Whether we carry a $300 or $30.00 wallet/handbag, the amount of money inside is the same; Whether we drink a bottle of $30 or $3.00 wine, the effect is the same; Whether…

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